Happy Dog, Happy Life.

Make Your K9 Companion the Envy of the Hood!

K9ine Bubbles lets you treat your dog to a WARM water bath – OUTDOORS. Before you ask, no – you DON’T have to empty your life savings to get warm water outside. We’ve included our outdoor warm water installation kit, meaning it’s plug-and-play, every day.

SKIP The Trip To The Hardware Store!

All Hardware Is Conveniently Included In This Kit!

NO Hunting For The Necessary Parts!

Easy To Follow Instructions!

Flush Muddy Bath-Time Down The Drain!

Love living in dirt? If so, then you probably don’t need K9ine Bubbles. But if you’re like most pet owners, then bath-time is probably a pain in the…you know. We mean, dogs don’t understand why they need to be thrown in a tub to get clean. BUT – if you make bath-time fun, now THAT they will understand! No more fighting, no more scratching, no more mud in your eyes. K9ine Bubbles FINALLY makes it possible to get warm water outside in the garden, with our fun, convenient, and easy-to-install outdoor warm water kit.

A Drop in the Ocean…

Partnering with 40cean to Make A Difference!

For every outdoor warm water hose kit bought, we’re cleaning up 1lbs of trash in the sea! In March this year alone, we removed 2,000lbs of trash from oceans and shores. Hit the link below to see the impact we’ve already made, and how YOU can make it BIGGER!

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, they harness the power of business to fund a global cleanup operation that's responsible for recovering millions of pounds of plastic and other debris from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

All of their captains and crews are full-time employees who live in the communities they serve. The jobs they create help counteract the economic impacts of plastic pollution, incentivize environmental stewardship at the local level, and bring new opportunities for growth, equality, education, and prosperity to people whose livelihoods and quality of life are disproportionately impacted by plastic pollution.

4ocean understands that cleanups alone are not enough to achieve their mission, which is why they also work to educate the global community about plastic pollution, empower people to end their reliance on single-use plastic and advocate for government incentives, business innovation, and cross-functional partnerships that support the creation and growth of a sustainable circular economy.

K9ineBubbles is proud to be a member of the clean ocean movement working alongside 4ocean and the global community to build a more sustainable future where humanity grows alongside nature and not at its expense.

Join the clean ocean movement at 4ocean.com.

  • Get warm water outside, quickly and easily
  • No need to wander aimlessly around the hardware store – everything’s included!
  • Save time, money, and SANITY on grooming and bathing your dog outside
  • Wash your hands of mud and clogged drains!
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Includes idiot-proof DIY instructions + how-to videos
  • Make doggy bonding time the best part of your day, every day!

Time For a Clean Slate!

Dogs of all shapes and sizes ADORE K9ine Bubbles, and it’s not hard to see why. Even when the cold of winter rolls around, bathing your dog outside doesn’t have to leave them freezing and grouchy. K9ine Bubbles is an outside warm water dog bathing solution that connects right into your existing warm water system. No additional warm water sources. No unnecessary piping and bills. No nonsense!

Why Every Dog-Family Needs K9ine Bubbles

In today’s busy world, who has the time to load up their dog in the car and ferry them to and from the groomer? The alternative is to bath them at home, which we all know is a recipe for dog-saster. Thankfully, there’s a better way. K9ine Bubbles is the convenient outside warm water dog bathing solution that lets you pamper your pup whenever it suits you. Warning: Pet-owners have been caught enjoying K9ine Bubbles just as much as their dogs. We can’t promise that you won’t want to start bathing outside too.

…Did we Mention the Cost-Savings?

Those groomers we mentioned earlier? They charge top dollar to give your dog the warm bath you can so easily achieve with K9ine Bubbles every single day. With this revolutionary yet incredibly simple outdoor warm water system, you pay once for infinite doggy baths forever. Like we said, no additional warm water sources are needed!

Imagine How Easy It Will Be Too Clean Grease & Grime On Your Vehicles, Tools and Other Dirty Outdoor Equipment With


Clean More Than Your Dog…

Having warm water outside instantly changes multiple aspects of your life. The whole family will be fighting for time with your new outdoor warm water hose, which is incredibly effective at softening stubborn grime on cars, boats, RVs, tools, and any dirty outdoor equipment you can think of. Warm water is far more powerful at degreasing than its cold counterpart, and it makes washing tools and cars outside much more comfortable when winter comes around!

Available Online At:

Outdoor hot water installation kit sold on Amazon
Outdoor hot water installation kit sold on Walmart
Outdoor hot water installation kit sold on eBay

Every dog has it’s day. Make it today! Get your own outside warm water installation kit for your K9 friend, and make bath-time a joy every time.

Get It NOW For Only $79 plus $9.99 s&h


Get Your Outside Warm Water Installation Kit Today!

Unsurprisingly, our outdoor warm water kits are selling out – fast. Get yours today for a low $79 (plus $9,99 shipping and handling). A small price to pay to treat your dog to a luxurious warm bath every day – WITHOUT muddying your entire household! Why wait? We’ve got your K9ine Bubbles kit ready to ship direct to your doorstep. So, order today – and let’s make some canine bubbles!

Where Are We Shipping Your Outdoor Hot Water Installation Kit?
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What's Included?

  • 6” hose bob sillcock (safe, healthy, lead copper-free, frost-free)
  • Red handle to indicate warm water
  • 2x durable quick-connect fittings (brass) for effortless installation that lasts for life

…Did Someone Say BONUS?

  • A bottle of your dog’s new favorite non-GMO shampoo (made specifically for K9ines)
  • Deliciously scented air freshener for home and travel
  • Handy doggie doo-doo bag with convenient carabiner for dirty business
  • Fun K9ine Bubbles decal that brings all the dogs to the yard (‘cause your hose, is better than theirs)

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