Outdoor Hot Water Bathing Installation Kit


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A convenient, whenever-you-need it, outdoor warm water bathing solution for furry friends of all sizes. You don’t always have time or energy to load your pet up in the car for a trip to the groomer.  Rinse your dog off or give them a quick bath without ever having to to worry about that again.

Cost Savings

Most groomers expense dollar per pound or more to get your pooch squeaky clean. The K9ine Bubbles outdoor warm water system allows you the convenience of doing this on your own time and you only pay for it once. Our system taps right into your existing hot water system, so there’s no need for an additional hot water source install to your home.


Included in the Kit

  • 6 inch, perfectly safe & healthy no-lead copper, frost free, hose bib sillcock
  • A distinct red handle to indicate hot water
  • 2 durable, long-lasting brass quick connect fittings for an effortless installation that lasts a lifetime

Bonus Includes

  • Sample bottle of our premium non GMO shampoo specifically for dogs.
  • An appealing air freshener for your car or home
  • A delightful K9ine Bubbles decal that distinguishes you as a devoted pet parent that bonds with their dog during bathing time.
  • You also get a handy doggy bag with convenient carabiner for carrying the bags for recovering dog poop. 

Getting Started

In order to start enjoying the benefits of warm water bathing check out our home installation guide, or reach out to a HomeAdvisor pro. 

On the inside of the box is some quick brief description of how to install your product. A link is provided 2 A short YouTube video with a brief description of how to install this product. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself please reach out to our affiliate homeadvisor.com, enter your zip code and we’ll find a professional that can install this product for you in very short order. 


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